About the Factory

Moroccan cookies was "established in 1991 and initially only produced Sabakiya by recipe from Mom. The shabakiot were sold in stores and kiosks and became a hit - the first time real shabakiyot were sold in stores! The enthusiasm and demand also led to expansion of production  -  coconut treats, Moroccan biscuits, biscuit cookies and more - all the good sweet Moroccan cuisine.
The bakery was established in 1993 also began to produce Moroccan cookies, dairy cream cakes and desserts and a variety of cakes, cookies and pies. At the same time, the first factory store opened in Netanya , which sold fresh pastries, coffee and bakery products.
In 2010 "Moroccan cookies" moved to its new campus hardworking industrial zone near St. Netanya new - modern and advanced factory worker with high standards and is considered one of largest the cakes and biscuits factory in the country. Cakes and cookies are marketed to stores and retail chains across the country.
The new brand "PERURIM" (meaning "crumbs") was launched in 2011, and together with the old brand "Moroccan cookies" They paint the store shelves with bright colors, great variety and taste great


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